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Research on Extracting Workpiece Screw Hole Coordinates by Using CH376 in Screws Fastening Machine


Bin Pan, Xiaoshi Shi and Yachuan Yao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0001

An Analysis of the Linguistic Form and Pan Entertainment Phenomenon of Cyberbullying Language


Xinyu Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0002

Advances in Developing CAR-T Cell Therapy for Colorectal Cancer


Chen Li, Manqi Hua, Ming Li, Yanzhe Yue, Yang Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0003

Expression and Purification of PDE4D2 Protein and Enzyme Screening of Its Inhibitors


Yushuang Xie, Liqun Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0004

Flow Field Analysis of Seawater Butterfly Valve for Nuclear Power based on the CFD


Jinxin Dong, Qingxiao Kong, Shuwei Pan and Lilong Lin

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0005

Analysis on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Traffic Safety in Contemporary University Campu

-- A Case Study of Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences


Wei Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0006

Research on Teaching Reform of Configuration Control Technology Course Based on OBE-CDIO Teaching Concept


Lingjiao Dong

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0007

Design and Synthesis of Y-27632 Liver Targeted Prodrug and Its in Vivo Activity Test


Linghan Pan, Huimin Wu, Xiyue Zhao, Wendong Zhang, RuifanWang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0008

A Brief Analysis of the Operation of Hema Fresh


Zheng Fang, Bingjian Wu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0009

Survey and Application of Target Detection Algorithms Based on Deep Learning


Tianyu Li, Hao Wu, Yanling Mao, Dong Li, Lei Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0010

Research on the Construction of Tourism Route Guide Platform based on 3D Visualization


Zhaoyang Li, Liang Long, Minghong Hu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0011

On the Invention of One Button Intelligent Floor Drain


Haixin Chen, Lilong Lin

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0012

Research and Investment Model of Stock Index Fluctuation based on Entropy Method


Ting Liao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0013

Statistical Analysis and Prevention Control of High-Altitude Fall Accidents in Building Construction


Jing Zhou

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0014

Research on Hochschild Cohomology of Commutative Coalgebras


Yanfeng Li, Haicheng Liu and Wenyan Kang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0015

Translator’s Subjectivity in the Three-body Problems from the Perspective of Semiotics


Jingjing Wu, Fan Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0016

Research on the Influence of Political Connection and Social Influence on the Social Responsibility of Listed Pharmaceutical Companies


Zeyuan Wang and Yang Cao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0017

Discussion on Analog Electronics Technique Experimental Curriculum Reform under the Influence of Novel Coronavirus


Yaya Wang, Juihui Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0018

Study on Performance Evaluation and Influencing Factors of China's New Energy Vehicle Policy


Rugui Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0019

Research on New Bimetallic Trigger


Yinan Zhao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202008_6(8).0020

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