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Analysis of the Application of Cangqiong Cadastre in Land Engineering


Lu Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0001

Reflections on Experimental Teaching of Human Anatomy


Xiaohua Zhao, Shuhai Liu, Xin Pan, Nana Guo, Junling Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0002

Study on the Electronic Properties of Silicon under Constant Voltage


Weifu Cen, Zhenliang Wang, Lin Lve, Yinye Yang, Houpu Li, Xiaoying Qu, Weiwei Cheng

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0003

Improvement of Customer Perceived Value under O2O Model


Yang Yang, Zhenghua Zhao, Cong Liu and Qianqian Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0004

A Novel IoT System for Health-Monitoring and Advice-Offering on Diet and Exercise


Haoyu Wang, Shuaibo Ning, Zhaowen Zhou, Xinyu Jia

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0005

Research on Rural Complex Development in Henan Province under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy


Haoran Fu, Weili Chai

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0006

The Effectiveness of Butorphanol Infusion in Patients Undergoing Awake Fibreoptic Nasal Intubtion


Tingju Hu, Wenqian Li, Junqing Li, Chao Chen, Xiaohua Zou

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0007

The Relationship between Air Temperature and the Daily Number of Visitors at Jiuzhaigou National Park


Cong Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0008

Research on the Talent Cultivation Direction in the Construction of "Double First-Class" in Henan Universities


Yuxuan Lin

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0009

Decreasing of the Level of the Alzheimer’s Amyloid β Peptide with the Ginseng Saponin Metabolite, Compound K


Yiming Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0010

Analysis of the Trend of Concentration in Liquor Industry in China


Wenli Hu, Ping Wang and Zhixia Wu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0011

The Comparative Study on the Internationalization of Ancient Capital Tourism Industry in China, Japan and South Korea


Yuxuan Lin, Xuejie Yue

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0012

Measuring Dependence With HSIC


Chengyu Du, Yingtong Peng, Zhengyuan Qu, Chixueyuan Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0013

Analysis of Influencing Factors of Shanxi Economic Development based on Multiple Linear Regression Analysis


Pengyue Zhang, Zejiong Zhou, Fang Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0014

Research on the Selection of Green Building Projects based on Combination Weighting-Improved TOPSIS Method


Zhixia Wu, Shan Huang and Wenli Hu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0015

Review of the English Translation of Tao Te Ching


Fang He

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0016

Forecast of Grain Yield in Anyang City in 2020

-- Application of Multivariate Return Analysis based on SPSS


Haoran Fu, Huahui Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0017

Research on Compact Development of Large General Hospital in Mountain Areas


Xiaoli He, Jinbi Ye

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0018

Creating Brand Value for Knowledge Sharing Social Network Sites


Lei Shen, Chenglong Li and Xiaoyong Wei

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0019

Study on Influencing Factors of Tourism Development in Beijing


Haoran Fu, Huahui Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0020

Clinical Treatment and Research Progress of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells


Haolong Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Haoling Zhang, Rongqun Zhang and Zhaoyi Zhu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0021

Uncertainty Assessment Method for Geological Environmental Carrying Capacity Evaluation


Chaoyong Yi, Yuan Liang, Qunfang Zeng, Yue Zhou, Qiuting Du and Yanli Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0022

Research on Optimal Design of Low Hysteresis Brush Seal Structure


Bo Cheng, Xinyang Wang and Yifei Ren

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0023

Research on the Promotion Strategy of Urban Community Fine Governance


Haoran Fu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0024

"Double First-Class": The Effort towards Academic Excellence in Universities. A Narrative of the Heilongjiang Province in China


Mingyu Guo, Dan Song

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0025

Analysis of Influencing Factors of Taxation and Fiscal Revenue in Anyang City based on Ridge Regression and LASSO Regression


Haoran Fu, Huahui Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0026

The Strategy Choice of Airport Taxi Drivers


Minghui Jin, Xiaolin He, Tianjiao Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0027

Study on the Development of Rural Tourism in Pingdingshan City under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy


Haoran Fu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0028

From Cultural Knowledge to Intercultural Competence: A Pedagogical Model for Foreign Language Teaching


Ying Ji

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0029

A Brief Discussion about Influence of Corporate Culture to Corporate Strategy


Xiaoping Qiu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0030

Connotation, Mechanism and Significance of "Three Governance Integration" in Rural Governance in the New Period


Haoran Fu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0031

Blocking SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein and Human Angiotensin-converting Enzyme 2 Interaction by Emodin, A Potential Prophylactic Chinese Medicine Compound


Junning Wu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0032

Research on the Selection Criteria of Customized Shuttle Bus Stations


Jiahui Yang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0033

Prediction Model of Air Pollution Index in Anyang City in Winter based on BP Neural Network


Haoran Fu, Huahui Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0034

CSI 300 Index Forecast

-- Based on ARIMA Model, BP Neural Network Model and Combined Model


Yan Hu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0035

Research and Analysis on Improving the Competitiveness of Ningbo Zhoushan Port


Tong Rui

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0036

Current Situation and Countermeasures of Rural Land Transfer in China under the Background of Separation of Three Powers


Haoran Fu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0037

Stability of Historical Special Cases in the Three-body Problem


Yuanchen Meng, Jiangfeng Cao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0038

Research on the Development of Healthy Pension Industry in Anyang City


Haoran Fu, Mengru Yang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0039

3-D Localization in WSNs Using UAVs


Yuqi Meng, Yifan Zhan, Jiahao Gu, Libo Zhang, and Yuanning Chang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0040

Exploring Container Market Pattern: A Sight of Route Network Evolution


Ge Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0041

Data Resampling Technologies Applied to DDoS Attack Detection of IoT Devices with Machine Learning Application


Yang Ye, Jiaxin Zhao, Yifan Zhan

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0042

Perfectionism as a Predictor of Depressive Symptoms in Adults


Xiaoyu Lin

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0043

Arc Expression in Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model Expected to Increase Amyloid β Intraneuronal Accumulation


Ruohong Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0044

An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Web Service Composition Optimization


Mengmeng Du

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0045

Deep Facial Expression Recognition Using ResNet34


Manling Zhao, Fang Yu, and Yuwei Dai

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0046

The Effect and Analysis of Multiple Assessment Methods in the Assessment of Clinical Ability of Medical Students


Xiaohua Zhao, Xin Pan, Nana Guo, Wei Xue, Junling Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0047

Biomimetic Constructions of Stable Antifouling Surfaces


Manxi Wang, Taoyu Wang, Yixin Zhang, Yuhong Zhu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0048

Optimization of Logistics Distribution Route based on Genetic Algorithm


Li Wang, Yao Gao and Wei Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0049

Explore the Development Status of China's Air-Rail Passenger Transport Network under the "Belt And Road" Initiative in 2018


Jie Xue

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0050

Design and Implementation of SaaSExport Freight Forwarding Cloud Platform


Haoran Fu, Lin Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202010_6(10).0051

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