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On the Dialogic Nature of Movie Review

-- A Bakhtinian Model of Translinguistics


Qingzhu Wu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0001

Disordered Iron Metabolism in Immune Cells Was Found in Pediatric Patients with Infectious Mononucleosis Induced by EBV Infection


Yan Chen, Yuyuan Chen and Yan Xu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0002

Analysis of the Dual Interaction of RMB Exchange Rate and Fujian Foreign Trade Export


Weiming Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0003

Study on the Super Lubricated and Tribological Properties of Triethanolamine Borate as a New Lubricant Additive


Yong Yang, Kang Jin, Li Xiong, Shuo Hou and Wanxu Liang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0004

Comparative Study of Serum Tumor Markers in the Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer and Colon Cancer


Lujia Dong, Dechun Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0005

The Role of Art Practice in Vocal Teaching


Xuejun Huang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0006

Application of Various Governance Tools in the Context of the Rule of Administrative Law


Mi Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0007

Exploration of Teaching Reform of Mathematics Courses in Private Colleges of Shaanxi Province in the New Era


Cuiping Ren, Pan Xue, Yinli Dong

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0008

Summary of Research on Point of Interest Recommendation in Smart City


Xiya Wang, Feng Wang and Botao Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0009

Research on High Efficiency and Low Resistance Mining System of New Spring Onion Harvester


Yong Yang, Zongkai Jin, Yangqian Ren, Shiwei Zhang, Jiageng Chen,

Huanyao Qin, Zeyuan Zhao, Wang Chao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0010

A Network Meta-analysis of Renal Outcomes in Trials of New Antidiabetic Drug in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


Hongli Wu, Peng Liu, Hongyun Wang, Hongwei Jiang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0011

On the Body Language Art in Choral Command


Kongxuan Xu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0012

Teaching Exploration of Work Order System


Daodong Xiang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0013

A Review of Pixel-based Reinforcement Learning Frameworks for Robots


Xueshen Liu, Lijia Cao, Weihong Xv, Lin Wang, Chuang Geng, Xudong Wei

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0014

Feasibility Analysis on the Implementation of Seminar Teaching in Business English Courses

-- A Case Study of Tangshan Normal University


Chenguang Du

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0015

MOG Antibody Positive Inflammatory Demyelinating Disease of Central Nervous System in 4 Cases and Literature Review


Yafei Song, Ganqin Du, Danyang Xu, Xiaohui Yang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0016

Exploration on the Application of New Mode of Pediatric Practice Teaching under the Background of Big Data


Haiying Yu, Hui Liu, Wenwen Zhou, Lexiang Yu, Tianhua Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0017

The Progress in Research on the Extraction and Separation Technologies of Effective Components from Natural Products


Yanxia Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0018

Research Progress of Tissue Factor in Lung Cancer Complicated with Venous Thromboembolism


Yao Lou, Pengfei Gao, Yimin Mao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0019

Research on PBL Teaching Assisted by Network Information in Cardiovascular Medicine Practice


Luchang Yin, Limin Qin, Quan Zhang, Qiang Li, Tao Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0020

SVM Barrage Classification Algorithm Based on TF-IDF Weighting and Its Improvement


Zhanghui Zhou, Yonghui Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0021

The Growth Inhibition Effects of Entrectinib on Ba/F3 Cells Expressing Different EML4-ALK Resistant Mutants


Linsong Yang, Hui Zhong, Biao Jiang, Xiaoling Song

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0022

A Case Analysis of the Preliminary Curative Effect of Triamcinolone Acetonide Combined with Pentafluorouracil in the Treatment of Benign Esophageal Stenosis after ESD


Qiangqiang Zhou, Jinliang Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0023

Communicative Situation and Predicament of Qu Yuan's Patriotism in English-speaking Countries


Tian Li, Jiemin Peng

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0024

Study of the Development of Community Elderly Care Facilities in Germany


Deqing Bu, Mingshuai Li, Suzhiying Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0025

The Importance of Chinese Ancient Flower and Bird Painting in the History of Art Development


Feifei Li, Sarana Photchanachan

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0026

Risk Assessment of Supply Chain Finance in Real Estate Industries


Yurong Song

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0027

Behavioral Disorders During REM Sleep and Parkinson's Disease


Danyang Xu, Xiaohui Yang, Ganqin Du

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0028

The Status Quo of Face Recognition Algorithms


Zhiwen Yang, Songyu Lai, Jiajun Yan and Kun Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0029

Analysis on the Present Situation of Land Engineering Science and Technology Work


Cheng Jie, Dong Hao, Wei Jing

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0030

Metaphor in Political Discourse: A Corpus Based Analysis of China Fighting Against COVID-19


Jing Shu, You Shi, Jiali Guo, Qiuyang Cai

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0031

The Impact of Financial Structure Evolution on Systemic Financial Risk

-- Based on MS-VAR Model


Chang Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0032

Research on the Influence of University Teachers' Mental Health on Professional Competence


Ruixing Peng

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0033

Fungi: The Cornerstone of Ecosystem Carbon Cycle


Xuefeng Hu, Zongbiao Chen, You Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0034

The Enlightenment to China of Concentrating on Public Participating in Waste Sorting and Managing in Japan


Lei Guo

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0035

Effect of Methotrexate on the Secretion of IL-17 by Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes


Chunxi Liu, Yanhong Gao, Guangtao Yan

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0036

A Brief Review of SMT


Kuo Zhou

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0037

Prediction of Foundation Pit Settlement based on BP Neural Network


Jiajun Wu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0038

Research on the Construction and Evaluation of the Indicators of Rural Revitalization Development Level in Anhui


Jingyu Jiang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0039

On the Enlightenment of Xi Jinping's Allusions to Ideological and Political Education Methods


Wenhuan Lv, Mingqi Zhao and Jiawei Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202107_7(7).0040

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